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Practical functionality, high-quality fabrics and aesthetic design are the hallmarks of the Tank Tops for men at MOROTAI. The muscle shirt emphasizes your male physique and optimizes your body feeling during training. Here you can buy your new Tank Top.


Sporty Tank Tops for men

Because the Tank Top is made of breathable functional material, especially designed for sporting activities, and of mesh, it wicks sweat away from the body, regulates the climate, releases moisture quickly and thus ensures a pleasantly dry feeling for longer. At the same time, it is especially comfortable to wear because the reinforced seams are flatly processed.

The armpit shirt is also visually appealing: the masculine lines and the striking cut specifically emphasize your male preferences. Thanks to the reduced colour selection of black, white and grey tones, you can combine the Fitness Tank Top with any other sportswear. Intelligent extras such as the concealed cable routing ensure a trouble-free workout without dangling cables or tangling.

The high-quality muscle shirt for men is easy-care, durable and dimensionally stable. This means that the tank top remains beautiful and ready for use for a long time. You have great freedom of movement during training because the sleeveless sports shirt adapts perfectly to your body and your movements. The versions with sleeves are e.g. the Functional shirts for men or Long sleeve shirts.


Men's muscle shirts: Perfect companion for many sports

The MOROTAI men's tank top is specially designed for intensive training sessions and heavy loads, but is also suitable for everyday use, e.g. as part of a summer outfit. With the functional tank top you will stay dry longer even in midsummer, whereas a normal T-shirt would have sweated through by now.

The Tank Top is just as suitable for men's bodybuilding in the gym as it is for basketball, calisthenics, fitness workouts, tactical deployment training, parkour in the field or indoor gymnastics. No matter if you climb the boulder wall, play tennis or ride your bike through the area, with the Muscle Shirt you are optimally equipped. Discover your potential!

In winter you can wear the short-sleeved functional shirt for men as a slipover, i.e. as a warming extra layer, under your clothes. You can combine the tank top perfectly with a good tracksuit, with which you can also train outside on cooler days.

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