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MOROTAI's women's underwear combines sporty functionality with feminine charm and elastic support. Maximum freedom of movement and a fresh wearing comfort must be offered by sports underwear for training. With our underwear, you can now take off with your sport!


Stylish sports underwear for women

Stable, elastic, comfortable - these are the properties that good lingerie must have. In order to protect the sensitive connective tissue of the female breast, it is particularly important to wear a supporting Sports Bra to wear. In winter, an additional Function shirt women as functional undershirt and warming extra layer under sportswear. In the field of sports underwear, there are also matching sports underpants and Sports Socks important.

In order for our underwear to support women during sports, MOROTAI functional underwear is anatomically cut and has supporting and stabilizing properties. Wide, softly padded bra straps absorb shocks and offer perfect freedom of movement, while the elastic underbust band provides a supportive fit without constricting the chest. The wide, soft straps adapt individually to the body, do not cut in and sit comfortably.

The sports bra gives the bust a beautiful round shape through the feminine lines or feminine darts. Thus you look good during training and can concentrate fully on the sport with the skin-friendly functional underwear.

The breathable materials of the underwear are processed to a high standard with flat seams, nestle like a second skin, dry quickly and ensure optimum moisture transport. Therefore you will have a pleasantly dry feeling during training with the women's underwear even during particularly sweaty training sessions. This effect is additionally enhanced by mesh inserts or cutouts, for example.


Feminine functional underwear, suitable for many sports

The MOROTAI ladies' underwear is suitable for almost every sport. For swimming or other water sports, on the other hand, our swimwear collection is the perfect match. Because you have to wash your women's underwear regularly, you should choose several sports bras and underpants if you go out for frequent training. So you always have the right underwear at hand.

To ensure that the underwear fits perfectly, leaves no pressure points and adapts to every movement of the body, MOROTAI women's sports underwear needs neither a fastener nor metal brackets and is therefore also perfectly suited to forms of movement in which you lie on your back or roll, such as floor gymnastics, bench press, rugby or full contact martial arts.

In order for the underwear to support ladies during training, functional underwear must offer support and relieve the back, especially when the bust is large. Practically every sports bra from MOROTAI can be simply slipped over like a sports top and offers light or medium support, depending on the model.

Whether you do weight training, go jogging, work out on the sports field or in the forest, whether you ride your bike or keep fit with gymnastics: The functional underwear for ladies is easy to put on and take off, does not take up much space in the Sports bag and is stable and supportive and does not constrict. Thanks to the reduced colour selection of black-grey-white, it can be freely combined with any other sportswear. Now there are no more excuses!

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