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The sports bags for men from MOROTAI are multifunctional, can be used practically in many sports and are made of high-quality material. The Dry Bags and Wash Bags can be combined with any sports outfit and look timeless and classic with their clean design.


Sports bag for men

Every sports bag from MOROTAI is of high quality, has waterproof sealed seams and is made of waxed canvas. This protects the contents from splash water and rain. The waterproof material of the Gym Bags also prevents sweaty towels or wet swimming trunks from releasing moisture to the outside.

The sports bag for men is made of tear-resistant material, so heavier objects such as large drinking bottles can be carried easily. To carry it, the men's sports bag can be rolled up compactly at the top and closed as required.

In addition to the size, the way the Fitness Bag is carried is also variable. You can either close the men's sports bag directly and hold it in your hand or you can connect the bag to the strap and carry it over your shoulder or across your chest. This allows you to use the Sports Bag according to your individual preferences.


One Gym Dry Bag, many uses

As a toilet bag or as a waterproof storage for training gadgets, valuables or supplement snacks, the small sports bag, the Wash Bag, can be used as well as an additional pocket in a larger bag to quickly find smaller items.

In the gym, the large sports bag is used as a gym bag for men. Sportswear, towel, sports shoes and valuables are well stored in it on the way to the gym and do not release any moisture to the outside after training. The large sports bag can also be complemented by the Wash Bag, which has an extra waterproof compartment on the inside for a smartphone, headphones, etc.

On the sports field or in the hall, the sports bag can be used, for example, as a football bag, for gym clothes or as storage for martial arts equipment. It can also be used as a safe storage for dirty sports shoes and sweaty clothes after training, if it is placed in another sports bag.

The Gym Dry Bag is suitable for outdoor use, e.g. on sailing trips or when camping, for dry storage of clothing, shoes and valuables or food supplies, because the sealed seam and waterproof coating protect the contents from splashing water and weather.

Therefore the training bag for men is especially suitable for swimming and beach holidays. Whether in wet areas as a protective cover for valuables or as storage for wet towels and wet swimming trunks: the Wet Bag neither lets moisture in nor out.

Thanks to the practical handling, you can stow your belongings in the bag instead of a travel bag or rucksack. If required, additional compartments can be created by using the Wash Bag as a toilet bag. As a shoulder bag for men in everyday life, the sports bag can be combined with any leisure outfit.

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