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The Wash Bag and Dry Bags from MOROTAI are multifunctional, practical for many sports and made of high quality material. The women's sports bags with their clean design look timeless and can be combined with any sports outfit.


Sports bag for ladies

Each MOROTAI sports bag is of high quality, has waterproof sealed seams and is made of waxed canvas. This protects the contents from splash water and rain. The waterproof material of the Gym Bag also prevents wet towels, swimsuits or bikinis from releasing moisture to the outside.

The sports bag for women is made of tear-resistant material, so even heavier objects such as large water bottles can be carried easily. To close it tightly, roll up the ladies training bag at the top and clip it together.

The carrying method of the sports bag is variable. You can either close the sports bag for women directly and carry it in your hand or in the crook of your arm or you can connect the bag with the shoulder strap and carry it over your shoulder. This allows you to use the Fitness Bag according to your individual preferences.


One ladies sports bag, many possibilities

The MOROTAI sports bag is suitable for many purposes. On the beach, in the open air pool or in the swimming hall, wet swimming things, shower utensils and towels can be easily packed. The waterproof sealed Wet Bag prevents moisture from escaping. Of course you should unpack, wash and hang the wet clothes to dry at home.

The large or medium-sized MOROTAI sports bag for women is also suitable as a gym bag: Sports shoes, Sports Pants , Sports Bra and T-shirt are quickly stowed away here and can easily be taken to the gym. The training bag can also be used on the sports field as it is very robust.

The small sports bag, the Wash Bag, is suitable as a toilet bag for rather smaller items such as valuables, make-up, hairbrush, razor or shower utensils. You can put these in your normal Dry Bag so that your make-up, shampoo, keys etc. don't have to be searched for in the bag first.

The Gym Dry Bag proves to be extremely practical on the road and when travelling: worn underwear, damp towels, sportswear, make-up or sports shoes can be carried separately from the other items in the suitcase or rucksack. The other items remain dry and odourless. Or you can use the bag in hand luggage directly as a travel bag.

For outdoor activities such as camping or sailing, the waterproof sports bag is perfect for keeping valuables and clothing dry even in rain and storms. Technical gadgets such as charging cables, smartphones or hairdryers are also optimally protected from moisture in the tent in the sealed training bag.

You can also use the Dry Bag as a shopping bag: New clothes, shoes and food are perfectly stored here and are protected from moisture from outside. Because it has such a simple and classic design, the bag can be combined with any sports and leisure outfit and can also be part of a casually cool streetwear.

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