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The MOROTAI sports socks for men score with their high quality, aesthetic design, soft wearing comfort and sporty functionality. With the men's socks you are optimally equipped for everyday life and training.


Sports socks for men

At the moment there are three different sock models in the MOROTAI men's sock range. These differ in appearance and leg length. Whether you need long or short socks depends on the type of sport you practice and your personal needs and preferences.

The short sneaker socks for men go to just below the ankle and are slightly longer at the back so that the shoe does not rub against the skin at the Achilles tendon. Slightly longer are the medium-length socks which cover the ankle and thus tend to stabilize it. The crew socks reach down to the calf, protecting part of the shin and preventing high shoes from rubbing against the leg.

The comfortably padded sole of the foot and the cuddly fabric of the sports socks offer a soft feeling even after repeated washing. The hard-wearing material is breathable and wicks away moisture to the outside, ensuring dry wearing comfort. Due to the ribbed cuff at the leg opening, the men's socks fit perfectly.

The men's functional socks are delivered in a practical zipper bag, which can be closed and reused, also for other training equipment. The sports socks for men also look good: in black and white and with contrasting lines they look serious and stylish at the same time. The look is complemented by the stylish MOROTAI logo.


Important for most sports: functional socks for men

Short socks are suitable for sports such as running, gymnastics, fitness training, rowing or table tennis. They do not necessarily have to be visible and should ensure breathability and support in the shoe - whether as sports socks in the gym or as running socks.

They are also suitable for everyday use: the sneaker socks up to just below the ankle are often used as leisure shoes and everyday clothes, but also as Sportswear worn. The crew socks are suitable for the office, because under the suit you should not see bare ankles, patterns or brand logos flashing out. Here, plain socks in white or black are standard.

Medium-length men's socks that cover the ankle are best used for sports such as tennis, handball, cycling, golf, rowing or riding. They help to stabilise the ankle better. They are also known as "tennis socks", although they are of course also suitable for many other sports.

When hiking and trekking, the choice of hiking socks depends on how high the shoes are cut and how warm it is outside. If you are out in winter, long socks are a good choice, in summer you can also wear medium length socks if the hiking boots only go just over the ankle.

Long socks are suitable for sports where the shin needs some protection, the leg needs to be supported or the shoes are cut high. These include football, basketball, American football, ice hockey, volleyball or hockey. The cool MOROTAI socks optimally support your training and help you to focus on your sport.

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