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The functional women's socks from MOROTAI convince with their aesthetic design, soft wearing comfort, ergonomic fit and high-quality materials. The sports socks support women during training.


Sports socks for women

In addition to breathable shirts and elastic sports trousers, functional socks are also important for sporty women, which optimally complement women's sportswear. Sports socks have to protect the foot, provide support and wick sweat away.

Our socks for women are available in three lengths and three standard sizes. The sock sizes here are 35-38, 39-42 and 43-46. At the moment, the functional socks are available in the Crew length, which goes up to the calf, in the Mid length, which goes over the ankle and in the Ankle length, which goes under the ankle.

The comfortably padded sole and the soft, durable material of the sports socks offer women a high level of wearing comfort and, thanks to the breathability, a pleasantly dry feeling. The comfortable fit is perfected by the ribbed cuff at the leg opening.

The pairs of socks are delivered in a practical and lockable Zipper Bag, which can be reused - for socks, make-up or shower utensils, e.g. for the gym or when travelling.


The perfect sock model for your sport

Which sock model is best suited to you depends on your sport, your personal needs and preferences and, in the case of outdoor sports, of course on your footwear, the weather conditions and outside temperature.

The short socks are particularly suitable for everyday use as sneaker socks and for sports such as running, fitness training, gymnastics, aerobics or gymnastics. The functional socks offer athletic women freedom of movement, secure hold in the shoe and, due to their ergonomic shape, prevent the shoe from rubbing against the back of the leg. So they can be used as running socks or gymwear, for example.

The classic medium-length tennis socks are suitable, as the name suggests, for tennis, but just as well for many other sports such as riding, Nordic walking, cycling, handball and golf.

As trekking socks or hiking socks are suitable for women - depending on the height of the hiking boots - either the long or the medium-length sports socks. Due to their soft padding, the sports socks help to prevent blisters, cushion shocks and help you to hold out longer. At the same time, the stabilizing function of the hiking boots is supported by the sports socks on the ankles.

Long socks are mainly used by women in the sports of volleyball, hockey, football or cheerleading. They protect your shin against skin injuries, stabilize the ankles and warm the leg muscles pleasantly. So you can start off with a lot of fun in sports!

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