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The MOROTAI sports jackets for men combine practical functionality with sporty elegance. Thanks to the reduced choice of colours and the timeless, clean design, the men's jackets focus on the essential: the athlete.


Sports jackets for active men

Jackets must be breathable and protect clothing and body from the elements to support men during sports. The Windbreaker and college jackets from MOROTAI can be used as a transitional jacket - i.e. spring jacket or autumn jacket - or as a light summer jacket for men. The MOROTAI jacket range also includes sweat jackets.

High-quality fabrics made of functional fibres and mesh inserts guarantee durability, dimensional stability and a high quality of the stylish brand jackets for men. The multifunctional mens jackets can be worn for both competitive sports and leisure wear and can be combined with any other mens sportswear thanks to the colour selection reduced to black and white. The masculine cut, combined with the masculine lines, emphasises your physique to advantage.

Intelligent details such as concealed cable routing for a trouble-free workout or closable multifunctional pockets optimize the use of training gadgets and allow you to have your hands free during sports through the sports jacket while listening to motivating music with headphones. The training jackets for men are made of an extra thin and ultra-light material, which is why they can be stowed away compactly and can be taken along easily when travelling.


Light men's jackets: practical for indoor and outdoor training

The sports jacket from MOROTAI can be used for many purposes: As transition jacket, as men's summer jacket, as outdoor wind jacket, as training jacket, as casual jacket or as running jacket. So you don't need your own jacket for everything, but can take your light jacket everywhere and use it in many ways due to its light weight.

On the way to the gym, when running in the woods, on a sailboat, on a summer hike in the mountains or when shopping in the city, the ingenious sports jacket is just as useful as when walking the dog, training on the sports field or on windy days doing gardening. Because it is so light and compact and doesn't take up much space in your luggage, MOROTAI's men's transition jackets make it easy to react to sudden changes in the weather and are therefore well equipped to deal with any excuse.

The wind jacket for men is specially designed to protect the body from cooling and dragging winds in wind and weather. At the same time, it sits comfortably so that you feel good in it even during training. In keeping with the spirit of Athleisure, the Windbreaker is not only athletically functional, but also suitable for everyday use.

College jackets in general create a sporty, casual look, which is enhanced by MOROTAI's plain, clean design and looks very high quality and noble. Part of American college sports for decades, college jackets have long since made the leap to Germany. The designer of MOROTAI has reinterpreted them and optimized them to a functional jacket for men.

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