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When it is cold and windy outside, this is no excuse not to do sports. The MOROTAI sports jackets for women warm and protect the clothes from the weather. The ladies' jackets combine functionality and intelligent features with aesthetic design and high-quality workmanship. So you can start off full speed during training.


Light sports jackets for women

Who doesn't like to go on a bicycle tour with their loved ones in bright sunshine? Outdoor sports such as cycling, jogging or walking are often accompanied by a surprisingly cold wind. A fleece jacket would often be too warm here, so the loose Windbreaker so popular outdoors with many sportswomen. Because this type of sports jacket is so light and thin, it is easy to roll up and can be taken along to save space.

The feminine functional jackets by MOROTAI convince with their airy, loose cut and sporty look. Ventilation openings, specifically designed mesh inserts and the breathable material ensure a dry feel and optimum air circulation. At the same time the ultra-light fabric protects against wind and light rain. The track suit jacket is therefore ideal for reacting to sudden changes in weather. The full-length zipper is weatherproof due to a sealed seam.

If you want to listen to music while training, no cables hanging down will disturb you, because the headphones in the closable pockets of the ladies' sports jacket are led through the cable outlets along the body. So the mobile phone or MP3 player with the motivating playlist is always available on the go thanks to the intelligent design.

The College jacket for ladies is an ideal transition jacket for spring and autumn, but just like the Windbreaker it is also suitable for cooler summer evenings or cloudy days. Designed in the typical college cut and kept in one colour, this college jacket looks timeless and chic. Due to the high-quality processed functional material it is also ideal for sports.


Versatile sports jackets: Windbreaker and college jackets

You can wear MOROTAI's Athleisure jackets not only for sports, but also for everyday life. The airy windbreaker or the cool college jacket is just as suitable for a trip to the city as for a quick walk with the dog or a long walk with your loved ones at the edge of the forest. The everyday style is both practical and functional as well as sporty and elegant and can be combined well thanks to the reduced choice of colours and the classic design.

The College Jacket is, along with the universally popular leather jacket for women, a fixed component of the casual-urban look. MOROTAI reinterprets the youthful look into a sporty, elegant style: functional materials and a clean, colour-reduced design create a high-quality, minimalist overall picture. The combination of an athletic cut and functional fabric selection creates a pleasantly light feel.

With the feminine women's jackets from MOROTAI you are top styled and can start off sporty right away. You can combine the women's sports jacket with virtually any everyday or sports outfit because it is so timeless and versatile.

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