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MOROTAI's sports trousers are the result of a well thought-out combination of aesthetic design, practical functionality, intelligent details and comfortable wear. Find here your new Sweatpants , Tights or shorts.


Sports trousers for men

A good pair of sports trousers is the be-all and end-all of any sports outfit - nobody would probably think of training in jeans or suit trousers. The requirements are of course corresponding: The training pants for men should be breathable, elastic and functional. Whether long or short sports trousers - men should pay particular attention to the quality and material.

Thanks to breathable fabrics and mesh inserts, the men's sports and leisure trousers help perspiration evaporate more quickly during training. The MOROTAI sports trousers for men have a climate-regulating effect, dry quickly and are made of high-quality, soft material. Due to this and the elastic seams, the sports trousers feel pleasantly dry and the fit is comfortable.

The elastic waistband sits comfortably and is also individually adjustable with a drawstring waist with stoppers on some models - for a secure fit. Intelligent details such as closable multifunctional pockets for Smartphone and Co. further optimise the men's sports trousers. The integrated intelligent cable routing for headphones keeps your hands free during sports and allows you to perform at your best.


Many sports pants variants, one goal

No matter what sport you play: Just keep working towards your goal. You can wear almost any pair of sports trousers when you train for fitness or bodybuilding in the gym, there are no limits to your personal preferences. You can combine MOROTAI sports pants with any other Sportswear for men .

This is different, for example, in football, martial arts or tennis: Here, shorts help men better to achieve top performances. The airy cut and the comfortable fit of the shorts offer enough freedom of movement and provide a loose-light wearing comfort. When swimming, the non-slip swimming shorts help you get the most out of your body.

All sports trousers are generally suitable for running. The classic jogging pants are especially popular. For high temperatures in summer, functional sports shorts for men or short jogging shorts are more suitable. These have integrated smartphone pockets with cable routing, so you can listen to motivating music while jogging without disturbance.

In winter, tights are increasingly common on running tracks as a warming additional layer under shorts. However, this trend is also apparent during football training in winter. Men's tights are also practical in winter when it's freezing, so they can be worn under jeans, casual trousers or even under suit trousers in everyday life. Thus it works invisibly as a warming extra layer.

Another sports and leisure trousers for men is the sporty-elegant slim fit jogging pants, which are very comfortable to wear and easy to combine due to the breathable, soft material both during sports and regeneration at home or during leisure activities. In the gym, on the running track, on the beach and as streetwear, the MOROTAI sports pants for men are a real all-rounder.

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