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With MOROTAI's sporty women's sweaters and pullovers you are well equipped for sports and everyday life. With their minimalist design, the long-sleeved shirts focus on the essential: the athlete. With their timeless and aesthetic design, they go well with many outfits and can be easily combined.


Sweat jackets, hoodies and sweatshirts for women

MOROTAI sports sweaters and sweat jackets are adapted to the needs of active women and emphasize the female charisma with the figure-hugging fabrics. Sometimes discreet, sometimes with chic details, the feminine cut sports fashion matches many different looks and captivates with its clarity and elegance. The pleasantly soft fabrics and flat seams make MOROTAI sportswear particularly comfortable - best comfort through best quality!


During training, the breathable cotton wicks sweat away from the body and adapts to your movements. When it's cold outside, the ladies' sweater protects you from cooling down during outdoor sports. The high-quality fabric selection guarantees a long life for your ladies' sweater if cleaned and cared for properly, so that you can enjoy it for a long time to come. Extras such as intelligently integrated mesh inserts optimise sweat evaporation and ensure a pleasantly dry wearing comfort.

In everyday life and for sports, the sporty sweater is suitable for many occasions: Whether at university, in the gym, when hiking, as smart casual wear in the office, when jogging in the forest, cycling or gardening - the sweater fashion from MOROTAI is versatile, easy-care and refines the style. The feminine designs of the sports sweaters and ladies' sweaters offer you a practical fit, innovative details and a sophisticated cool look.

What is the difference between sweatshirts, sweat jackets, hoodies and sports sweaters? Our sweatshirts for women are long-sleeved sports sweaters without hood Sweat jackets and Hoodies on the other hand, both hoods, while sweat jackets have an additional zipper through which they can be easily worn over other tops. So hoods and full-length zippers make the difference.


Jumpers & Sweaters: suitable for sports and everyday life

In general, MOROTAI's clothing is designed to be stylish, freely combinable and airy and comfortable. Like MOROTAI's other fashion designs, the women's sporty sweaters and pullovers are available in black, grey and white and some contain intelligent, innovative details to make the athlete's training easier and ensure a trouble-free workout.

The feminine cut hoodies with hood and with or without zipper can be used in many ways, e.g. as a warming layer for the onion look when a cold wind blows while cycling, while running and walking in cool temperatures, during a relaxing walk on the outskirts of town or gardening in the shade. Even when inline skating, the hooded sweatshirt or sweat jacket is not only a practical piece of clothing, but can also be worn casually around the hips as a fashion statement.

On the way to the gym, when warming up, during training and after sport, the sports sweater protects against cooling down and can be combined trendy with all outfits. So you always look good with maximum comfort and don't have to think about what goes together. The breathable materials of the sweatshirts and jackets ensure a pleasant wearing comfort. The intelligent cable management system in hidden inner pockets allows you to listen to motivating music without hanging headphone cords, while still enjoying full freedom of movement. Step by step, you'll get closer to your goals!

With the MOROTAI ladies sweaters and sweatshirts you are optimally equipped for everyday life and your training. Find your individual MOROTAI look and dare new combinations and ways!

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