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MOROTAI men's sports long sleeve shirts combine timeless aesthetics with sophisticated design and high performance materials. The high-quality sportswear is complemented by intelligent designs and elastic seams.


Sport long sleeve shirts for men

A mixture of T-shirt and Sweatshirt is the sporty long sleeve for men. MOROTAI's long-sleeved shirts are long-sleeved men's shirts that are specially designed for training, but can also be worn as an alternative to a hoodie in your free time when it is a little warmer but still too cool for a short-sleeved shirt.

The Fitness clothing for men is made of breathable material, improves perspiration evaporation and regulates the body climate. Therefore you don't sweat so easily and enjoy a pleasantly dry feeling when wearing the long sleeve. On fresh summer days, the long-sleeved shirt protects men from cool winds without getting too warm.

Intelligent details such as the inconspicuous cable routing keep the hands free and thus improve the training quality. So now neither your headphone cable nor your excuse is in your way. Optimal freedom of movement is provided by the stretchy material of the men's shirt, which adapts to every body movement, in combination with elastic seams and the sporty cut raglan sleeves.


Athletic long sleeves - versatile

Body-hugging and climate-regulating, the sports long-sleeved shirts for men are not only a visual eye-catcher, but are also suitable for many sports. Whether they are worn under the jersey as a warming extra layer in winter, protect against a cool breeze in summer or serve as transitional fashion - they are comfortable to wear either way.

In the gym your well-trained body is not only Tank Tops or T-shirts: A long-sleeved shirt that fits like a second skin can also show off your muscles to good advantage. The long-sleeved shirt is also a good choice as a running shirt: when you run, the functional material keeps you dry longer, making it easier to hold out.

The compression-fit long-sleeves are especially popular in martial arts: Many professional fighters wear functional long-sleeved shirts with their fight shorts during daily training. This way the skin is better protected against superficial injuries. Optionally, it warms up even after hard training before cooling down.

On the sports field, men like to wear the sports long-sleeved shirt under their jersey or as an athletics top. When doing gymnastics, the long-sleeved compression shirt can be wonderfully combined with gym trousers. Because it fits so tightly, you won't get caught anywhere and can deliver the best performance. Discover your new favourite fitness outfit!

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