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MOROTAI's sporty men's shirts combine aesthetic design with intelligent details and practical functionality to help you achieve top performance and look good at the same time. The reduced colour range and clean design of the men's sports shirts focus on the essential: the athlete.



Sports shirts for men

We love sports! Physical exercise releases endorphins, making us happier, promoting health and strengthening the body. In order to perform better, the right sportswear for men is becoming increasingly important. The basis of a good sports outfit is a suitable Sports trousers for men and of course a comfortable sports T-shirt.

MOROTAI's branded T-shirts are made of breathable fabrics with flat, reinforced seams and are durable and dimensionally stable when cared for properly. So you can enjoy the comfortable wearing comfort and good fit of the men's T-shirt for a long time and feel comfortable during training. Intelligently integrated mesh inserts enhance the shirt's climate-regulating effect and cleverly prevent sweat stains.

Hold out longer with special Functional shirts for sweaty training sessions. Go beyond your limits with functional, climate-regulating Tank Tops . Protect yourself from hypothermia with athletically designed Long sleeve shirts . And regenerate after training in a comfortable Basic T-shirt.


The matching men's T-shirt for your sport

In the gym, men's tank tops and shirts with mesh inserts are the most popular. Muscle building is a challenge you want to meet? Wonderful! Then combine your training shirt with sporty sweatpants or shorts and get to work on your iron! Virtually any MOROTAI shirt is suitable for running. You can complement the sporty look with a tracksuit. Simply combine a sweat jacket with a jogging pant of your choice, because the colour black-white-grey allows you to combine everything freely with our sportswear for men. Be first at the finish line!

The light and airy T-shirts made of thin functional material are best suited for football training. The Tank Tops, on the other hand, are worn by many men, especially when playing basketball. For tennis and badminton, functional shirts made of light and especially air-permeable fabrics are very popular. They let sweat evaporate ultra fast and thus ensure a dry wearing comfort.

For outdoor sports such as off-road hiking, hunting, cycling, fishing, functional or tactical training, the long or short sleeve functional shirts for men - depending on the outside temperature - and the basic T-shirts are best suited. You can combine them, for example, with tights and shorts and a sports jacket. Conquer the forest! This outfit is also perfect for climbing. Conquer the mountain!

Martial artists mainly resort to the standard outfit Tech Shorts to functional sports shirts or to the athletic compression long sleeve, which fits like a second skin. But the men's T-shirts are also a faithful companion in everyday life: the shirts create a sporty, casual look and fit any everyday trousers. You can buy your T-shirt here.

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