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MOROTAI's men's functional shirts combine timeless aesthetics, clean design and practical functionality in one t-shirt. Intelligently integrated mesh inserts and functional materials perfect the brand sports shirt.


Function shirts for active men

During an intensive training session, the sports shirt must meet certain requirements: It must allow sweat to evaporate quickly, fit well, it must not slip and it should be easy to clean. The functional shirts from MOROTAI combine all these characteristics and much more.

High-quality, breathable materials regulate the climate and offer a pleasantly dry wearing comfort. The men's T-shirt either has a loose fit or is a compression shirt. To meet the athlete's needs, intelligent details such as mesh inserts are attached to the armpits and back. The masculine lines strikingly emphasize the male body and show off your muscles to their best advantage.

Sporty raglan sleeves in addition to the elastic material further improve freedom of movement and perfect the athletic look. Smart extras on the functional shirt for men, such as the cable guide for headphones, ensure an undisturbed workout where the cables don't get caught anywhere. With the right care, the training shirt is very durable and keeps its shape. Plus: You save yourself the work with the dryer or iron because the functional shirt by MOROTAI dries quickly in the air and does not need to be ironed. More time for training - perfect!


Functional shirts: Versatile

You need the right training T-shirts for all kinds of sports. According to the motto "one for all, all for one", with the functional T-shirt from MOROTAI you are well equipped for many different sports. So you don't need many different shirts for your favourite sports, but can directly access your MOROTAI functional shirt.

Exert yourself in martial arts, lift heavy weights, race with the wind in the park, with the compression shirt you won't sweat so easily. You'll be perfectly equipped with it in the gym, on the sports field, off-road, on a bike tour, on your jogging track, on the football field, on the claw training, in the crossfit arena, at calisthenics and on a long hike. With the training shirt you have no more excuses, discover the warrior in you!

You can combine the sports shirt with virtually any other sportswear, and it looks especially good with the men's sportswear from MOROTAI. You can find the sleeveless version under the category Men's Tank Tops . A cool sports outfit is for example a functional shirt and functional shorts or other sports pants. For the everyday look are more suitable Basic T-shirts .

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