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Aesthetics, timelessness and functionality go hand in hand in the functional shirts from MOROTAI and combine all the important characteristics for hard training. A fresh and dry feeling even during the most strenuous workout? Functional sports shirts make it possible!


Functional shirts for sporty ladies

Whether you go hiking in the summer or lift weights in the gym: When you're on a big effort or in high temperatures, your fitness clothing must meet certain criteria. Straight Sports shirts must remain dry for a long time during sweaty training, be breathable and offer freedom of movement.

The MOROTAI functional shirts for women are designed to regulate the climate, wick moisture away from the body and provide a pleasantly dry feel even during high activity levels. Breathable mesh inserts ensure pleasant air circulation during sport. High-quality materials and flat, reinforced seams make for a long life of the training shirt if cared for properly. Even after frequent washing, MOROTAI's sportswear retains its shape, is colourfast and hard-wearing. The ladies' functional shirts are available in both long-sleeved and short-sleeved versions.

The Ladies T-shirt is specially designed for maximum performance, sweaty training and high effort. This makes the ladies sports shirt not only practical, functional and comfortable, but also looks ultra good. Quality you can feel - a contribution to physical well-being.


Innovative functional shirts for many sports

For indoor training in the gym, gymnastics, climbing gym, martial arts or trampoline jumping, tight sportswear that fits like a second skin and doesn't get caught or slip anywhere is suitable. This allows you to concentrate on your training without disturbance, improve your focus and have more fun while exercising.

The sports shirts for women from MOROTAI are also ideal for many outdoor sports like hiking, jogging, Nordic walking or mountain biking. Especially at high temperatures, the functional shirts designed especially for high loads optimize the body climate and thus the stamina of the athlete. Thus the sports T-shirt can be worn as a running shirt or under a sporty windbreaker.

On long hikes, you usually carry a rucksack that fits tightly around your shoulders and back. In order not to feel sweat in these places, it is important to wear the right sports T-shirt underneath, which quickly releases moisture to the surroundings. It is equally important that no seams interfere with the pressure points. That is why the functional shirts from MOROTAI have a sporty raglan sleeve cut, which can reduce pressure points on the shoulders.

Due to the reduced choice of colours, the functional training shirts from MOROTAI can be combined with any other fitness clothing. The clean design matches any other colour and looks timeless and chic. Especially with the other functional underwear from MOROTAI like Shorts , Sports leggings or training gloves, the functional T-shirts can be optimally combined.

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