What is a sustainable warehouse?

A sustainable warehouse is when the storage boxes are not made from the usual plastic or metal, but in our case, from recycled paper. We use the majority of our shipping materials such as stickers, boxes, and labels made from paper that can be reused.

Are MOROTAI products sustainable?

How we wish we could simply answer “Yes”. But unfortunately, it's not that simple. Sustainable textile industry is a massive challenge. However, what we can say for sure is: We're doing our best. We rely on organic cotton, recycled polyester and are in the process of further minimizing our environmental impact. As we also take social responsibility seriously, we closely examine our supply chain and working conditions. By producing timeless sportswear that doesn’t go out of fashion, we can also avoid overproduction of clothing. For transportation, we primarily use ships, as they are more environmentally friendly than airplanes. Only in emergencies 1% do we use a plane. The high quality of our products makes them particularly durable, saving you many purchases. For us, being sustainable mainly means developing a product that can be used for a long time.

Where does MOROTAI manufacture its products?

Our products are manufactured in China, Pakistan, Turkey, and in the future also in Portugal. To ensure that the conditions on-site are satisfactory, we only collaborate with production facilities that are regularly audited by amfori BSCI or comparable social standards by external assessors.

Could you also produce in Germany? Why don't you manufacture in Germany?

One of the biggest misconceptions about sustainability is that production in Asia is always bad and production in Europe is always good. It's not that simple. Our production outside of Germany primarily enables us to offer affordable prices to create basics for everyone, and this can be done fairly. It would be rash to completely withdraw our orders and thus take away the work from these factories. International standards ensure that everything in our production is above board. Through long-standing relationships, we have established a responsible supply chain and are committed to fair working conditions and decent wages in our production facilities. We work closely with our production partners to ensure that social and environmental standards are met. Sustainability is a holistic approach that goes beyond the location of production and encompasses the entire supply chain.

What is DHL GoGreen?

GoGreen is an eco-friendly shipping and receiving service by DHL and Deutsche Post. The emissions generated by shipping are offset through investments in global climate protection projects. This allows our products to be delivered to you in a climate-neutral manner through compensation.