Windbreaker for ladies



Windbreakers are the ideal companion for many outdoor sports and everyday activities. With intelligent designs, the timeless look and aesthetic design they focus on the athlete and help to optimize the training. Bravely defying wind and weather, discover the warrior in you with the Windbreaker from MOROTAI!

High quality ladies windbreaker

When the wind tugs at your clothes and the drizzle blows in your face, it's time to unpack the windbreaker and continue training. The breathable membrane ensures that the wind is repelled, but the air underneath the clothing continues to circulate and the sweat evaporates. So you are protected from the weather and can continue your workout with a dry feeling.

The summer and transition jacket for women is not a rain jacket, but in case of light precipitation it can also hold off the rain for a while until you arrive in the dry. Whether you have good conditions and tail wind or many obstacles and head wind: If you work continuously on your goals, you can achieve a lot. Alternatively, you can also use a College Jacket can be used effectively.

When on the move, the windbreaker can be easily taken along and stowed away to save space or quickly tied around the waist as it is thin and ultra light. Thanks to the water-repellent fabric and the waterproof zipper, you are protected from wind and rain and can continue training when others give up. The functional jacket's feminine fit is individually optimised by the Velcro fasteners and adjustable cords.

Inside, mesh inserts provide an improved body climate, additional openings accelerate ventilation and perspiration evaporation. Smart details like the integrated multifunctional pockets with cable exits for headphones offer room for smartphones and other training gadgets. So you have free hands with the MOROTAI Ladies Windbreaker and can concentrate on your training without any disturbance.

Windbreaker: multi-talented and versatile

Windbreakers are frequently used in outdoor sports in particular. As a transition jacket on changeable days in spring or autumn or as an airy summer jacket, the Windbreaker is a must-have for sporty women during outdoor sports. When running, you can listen to motivating music thanks to the intelligent pocket design. On the climbing wall you won't cool down so easily because the light windbreaker jacket protects you from gusts. When walking in the woods, you won't work up a sweat as quickly as with a conventional jacket.

The sports jacket has a feminine and streamlined design with a longer cut at the back, which also protects the lower back. So you can wear the Windbreaker on longer hikes and trekking tours without cooling down. The outdoor jacket is also perfect for horseback riding, mountain biking, trail running off-road, sailing or climbing in summer.

Due to the colour reduction the jacket can be combined freely with other sportswear. Even in everyday life you can combine the Windbreaker to many outfits. On the way to the gym, on a walk or in the city, the windbreaker jacket protects you from sudden changes in weather during the transition period and prevents heavy sweating. Both to Sports Pants as well as with jeans the windbreaker looks good and combined with sneakers it looks sporty and casual.

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