Sweatpants for ladies



Aesthetic, functional and comfortable - these are the demands MOROTAI makes on jogging pants. The all-rounder is sporty and comfortable at the same time. With its tight, elegant cut, it is an eye-catcher that not only looks good during training but also in everyday life. Besides the classic sweatpants, the brand MOROTAI offers further sports pants, like Shorts and Leggings .

Our ladies' sweatpants: Chic and sporty

The ladies' sports trousers by MOROTAI are nobly designed and fit not only for training but also wonderfully into everyday life. You can combine them very well with all other clothing, because the ladies' jogging pants are available in grey, black and white and therefore have a classic-timeless look.

With the feminine cut, these sports trousers for women are figure-hugging and look very feminine. Intelligent details such as hidden pockets with innovative cable routing help to give your best during training without disturbance, because you finally have free hands when you want to listen to motivating music. Additional extras on the sweatpants such as reflector-trimmed zippers on the calves make it easier to put them on and take them off and at the same time provide more safety when it's dark outside.

With different designs and hip looks such as color blocking and the narrow carrot shape, the sweatpants for women are a comfortable fashion statement. It's not for nothing that noble jogging pants are now represented on the catwalks of the fashion metropolises worldwide.

Sweatpants for training and everyday life

The jogging pants for women are not only, as the name suggests, suitable for jogging, but can be used in many different ways and are not without reason very popular with female athletes. The sweatpants are also ideal for everyday use or for spending the evening on the couch.

In everyday life the elegant sweatpants by MOROTAI can be combined with any other upper and any shoe model. With sneakers or sports shoes the outfit looks sporty and casual at the same time and in combination with a hoodie the sweatpants make a comfortable tracksuit.

As sports pants, the women's jogging pants can also be found in fitness studios, on running tracks and on bike tours. The light material is made of high-quality cotton and therefore very resistant. The cotton fibres absorb the moisture and flatter the skin, which is why the women's jogging pants are so popular with women.

The sports trousers are also ideal for hiking, walking or outdoor workouts in winter and provide warmth in the cool shade or when the wind is cold. In icy cold weather you can also pull leggings under the sweatpants as an additional warming layer. The ladies' tracksuit pants are a real all-rounder and very versatile.

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