Sports shirts and sports tops for women

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In everyday life or as sportswear everyone needs good shirts. With breathable fabrics and comfortable materials you are perfectly equipped for your training with the ladies tops from MOROTAI. With their clean design and reduced colour range, the sports shirts focus on the essential: the athlete. Intelligent details enhance the timeless aesthetic look.

Sports shirts and sports tops for women

Whether short-sleeved or sleeveless, long or belly-free, discreet or oversized brand logo - MOROTAI has many different sports shirts for women in its sportswear range. They are adapted to the needs of the sportswoman and ensure a dry wearing comfort with the climate regulating materials.

The elastic nature of the fabrics offers great freedom of movement and adapts perfectly to the body. In addition, the sports uppers for women dry very quickly again, so you smell fresher and stay dry longer.

Intelligently integrated mesh inserts, back cut-outs and other extras not only look great with sportswear, but also help keep your back dry longer during training. Flat seams and soft support materials guarantee a pleasant wearing comfort and a comfortable fit. So you can start the next training session with your ladies shirt without any problems and you are dressed functionally and stylishly at the same time.

Due to the flowing fabrics with the feminine cut the Sports T-Shirts and Tops automatically to every body movement and provide a weightless wearing experience. The high quality material selection is durable when cared for properly and keeps its shape after washing.

The right ladies T-shirt or sports top for every occasion

Both as part of sporty, casual everyday looks and as part of fitness clothing, MOROTAI offers many sports outfits for women. Depending on the occasion and temperature, different ladies' tops are available. While in hot weather and sweaty training sports tops and Functional shirts are optimal, fit Sports Long Sleeves rather for a workout in the shade or with wind.

The T-shirt range for women includes warmer cotton shirts, light and airy sports T-shirts and functional shirts with extra quick-drying mesh inserts. From tight to loose, from semi-transparent to opaque, from short to long, there is a wide range of sports T-shirts for women. The compression-fit functional shirts are particularly popular with female martial artists and runners, as they conduct moisture immediately to the outside and have a climate-regulating effect. The airy, loose-fitting sports shirts made of quick-drying fabric are often used for ball and team sports, on hot summer days and when cycling, and ensure a dry feeling when worn. The somewhat more robust basic ladies' shirts made of cotton are suitable for everyday use, protect the body from hypothermia after a hard workout and absorb moisture well.

The most popular sports tops for women are Tank Tops, Crop Tops and Stringer . The loose tank tops are off-the-shoulder tops that fall rather loosely and offer plenty of arm room. They are made of high-quality, breathable material. Mesh inserts wick sweat away from the body ultra-fast. The stringers look very classy, especially with the sports bras by MOROTAI. They are often worn in the gym or during outdoor workouts because they offer optimum freedom of movement, are ultra-light and beautifully emphasise the shoulder area. Crop Tops look very feminine on the beach or as part of an airy summer outfit.

Long sleeve shirts, also known as long sleeves, help to keep the body warm in windy and low temperatures. The high-quality cotton is durable, dimensionally stable, easy-care and hard-wearing, so it's perfect for the climbing wall, a leisurely walk or a fast-paced downhill tour. It is ideally combined with a windbreaker outdoors.

The sports tops and training shirts can be combined with any other sportswear for women, but look especially good with the sports pants and sports jackets from MOROTAI.

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