Fitness Accessories for Women



The fitness accessories from MOROTAI all have one thing in common: they are cleanly designed, available in black, grey and white, perfectly adapted to the sport and manufactured to a high standard.

Functional sports accessories for women

As a supplement to sportswear, practical sports accessories are available here in the online fitness store. The timelessly beautiful sports accessories are optimally adapted to your training, suitable for almost every sport and partly even suitable for everyday use. Fitness accessories such as sports socks or caps can be worn every day by women not only as sportswear.

The Sports Socks are an indispensable sports article for women as part of their fitness clothing. They optimize the functional properties of sports shoes, are still found in every Sports bag somehow space and are needed every day, no matter if you do sports or in everyday life. In the MOROTAI Sport-Shop you can order either single pairs of socks or complete economy sets online.

In summer the MOROTAI Caps Ladies as protection against sunstroke and shield your eyes so that you are not blinded. The baseball cap is both a timelessly elegant fashion statement and a functional sports article for the next outdoor training session. You can buy your new cool cap in various designs and styles.

The fingerless training gloves with leather or foam protect your hands from calluses, cold and pressure points when cycling, running or in the gym. Due to the padding, the fitness gloves cushion shocks on the handlebars and improve the grip on the barbell.

The ball, which has a geometric design and is kept in black and white, can be used, for example, during football training on the sports field, with friends in the park or with the children in the backyard. The leisure sports equipment is a classic in sports equipment.

Fitness accessories, suitable for your sport

In outdoor sports, caps are always worn by women in summer as sun protection and stylish sports accessories. When climbing, running, cycling, hiking, beach volleyball and tennis, they not only look good, but also provide a much better view. On the football field or the summer meadow you can also simply pack your high-quality football with you.

In the gym, many female athletes count on training gloves to prevent calluses and pressure points on their hands. The practical fitness accessories are also popular with runners, cyclists and strength trainers. The sports socks are also optimally used in the gym and can be worn with the entire Sportswear for women of MOROTAI can be combined.

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