Hoodies for ladies



The ladies' hoodie from MOROTAI combines aesthetic design with intelligent details and functional materials. The sportswear is specially designed for women who care about style and quality and appreciate maximum functionality.

Hoodie for ladies

What's a hoodie? Hoodies are comfortable sweaters with a hood, the version without hood is simply called ladies sweatshirt. Hoodie jackets for ladies are - as the name suggests - hoodies with a full-length zip. The practical sweaters all keep the body comfortably warm and fit comfortably.

At MOROTAI the sweaters for women are made of a soft material mix: High-quality cotton, combined with sporty functional fibres, wicks moisture away from the body and ensures a pleasantly dry feeling when worn. The sporty hooded sweatshirt skilfully emphasises the feminine advantages with its feminine cut, gathered details and longer back. Whether extra warm or airy with mesh - the sweaters are comfortable in any case.

The sporty style of the branded hoody is perfected with multifunctional pockets that can be closed with a hidden zipper. Inside, they are equipped with an intelligent cable management system, which allows you to keep your hands free with the hooded sweatshirt when you want to listen to motivating music with headphones during training. So you can give your best with the MOROTAI-Hoodies during your workout without any problems!

Practical extras such as longer sleeves with thumb opening or the stopper-adjustable hood band optimise the sporty look of the hoody and visually loosen up the style. The ladies hoodies fit very comfortably because the soft fabric adapts individually to the body.

Ladies' hoodie: practical for leisure and sport

Thanks to their high wearing comfort, hoodies are popular with women as part of a sporty outfit. The women's hoodie from MOROTAI is suitable for many areas of use: When jogging outside, on the way to the gym or when regenerating on the couch, when hiking, meeting friends or doing everyday errands, the comfortable sweater is often worn by ladies.

When doing sports, the hoodie serves ladies for warming up and cool-down or for outdoor sports. During a longer sailing trip a cold wind can come up - if you have a hoodie and a sports jacket with you here, you protect yourself from hypothermia. Optimal trekking outfits consist of different layers of which you can quickly put on or take off a layer if necessary. If you have a hooded sweatshirt with you when you're off-road, you're well equipped for cooler areas.

Combined with the MOROTAI sweatpants the Hoodies make a fancy tracksuit. For more functionality you can put a sporty Function shirt and Functional underwear wear. In everyday life, it is more suitable to wear a basic shirt or Top to put under. Here you can buy your new hoodies.

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