College jackets for ladies

College Jacket


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MOROTAI has given the urban college jacket for women a sporty interpretation and a functional upgrade: with its aesthetic design, the popular transitional jacket is both functional and stylish. Intelligent details perfect the high-quality and timeless look.

College jackets for ladies

There are several popular everyday jackets in the ladies' world: leather jackets, denim jackets, bomber jackets and college jackets. The latter has a fresh look and makes every outfit look more relaxed. The cool jacket in a blouson cut with the typical collar cut is uni-coloured and therefore looks noble and timeless. Thanks to the high-quality materials and clean workmanship, it is durable and keeps its shape when cared for properly.

College jackets have their origins in American college sports, the college jacket from MOROTAI is so to speak an elegant back-to-the-root design of the traditional jacket. The sports jacket originally marked the affiliation to a college or sports team. With the MOROTAI logo it is a symbol for your fighting spirit and assertiveness. Become part of the MOROTAI Army!

The women's jacket is made of functional materials such as mesh and ultra-light fabrics and has ventilation openings as a sporty detail. This way it quickly wicks sweat away from the body and regulates the climate. The materials are ultra-light and adapt to every body movement. Zippered pockets and an inside pocket offer practical storage space so you always have your valuables close at hand.

The college jacket in everyday life and sports

In various sports, sports jackets such as the sporty college jacket or the cool windbreakers from MOROTAI in practical use. The training jacket for ladies is just as suitable for running in the park as for a sightseeing tour during a city trip, a bike tour in the forest or a sailing course on the beach. On the stands in the stadium, on the way to the gym, on the sports field or on the next shopping tour you always look top-styled.

The comfortable jacket is also very suitable for travelling, because it is airy and comfortable and can be stowed in the suitcase to save space. It goes with many different outfits and can be combined with summery beachwear as well as basic shirts and jeans or with sports trousers and a functional shirt. Thanks to the colour reduction, it goes with everything and refines the outfit.

The MOROTAI College Jacket always looks good - whether you combine it with a basic T-shirt, jeans and sneakers or wear it over your sportswear or summer outfit:

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